Occasionally I get asked “what is the best way to hang a quilt?” In this article, I am going to share my two favorite methods for hanging a quilt. By the way, as a quilter, there is no greater compliment than if you use your quilt. However, not everyone is comfortable with this idea.

Method #1
For an additional fee, we can sew a fabric sleeve onto the back of your quilt at the time of manufacture. It is invisible from the front. To hang the quilt, purchase a wooden dowel with an approximate diameter somewhere around 7/16 of an inch (use your judgement here…for a large quilt you may want a larger diameter…for a small quilt a smaller diameter dowel will work just fine). Wooden dowels are available at hardware stores and in many cases they should be able to cut it to length for you. The dowel gets placed inside the fabric sleeve. Affix two nails (or screws) into your wall, so that they stick out about ½”. These nails should be mounted approximately 1” inside the outer edges of your quilt. Rest the dowel on top of the nails. If you have a large quilt, a third nail could be affixed in the middle.

Method #2
Purchase a drapery rod and clips from your local department or hardware store. They are available in different diameters, lengths and finishes. This method will not be invisible as in method #1 above. But depending on your décor, it can be very attractive. The following links provide visual representation to help you understand our description.

Drapery Rod
Drapery Clips

Hanging your quilt is a great option. It is completely a personal preference. It is a perfect idea for a smaller quilt that could take the place of a portrait. But, honestly, people hang quilts of all different sizes.

Depending on the size of your quilt, finding a wall in your home that is large enough may prove difficult. It is also important that the location does not receive any direct sunlight, as over time the sun will fade and damage the fabrics.

Whether you order a quilt to serve the purpose of a blanket or a wall hanging, we just want you to LOVE your quilt!

A memory quilt by Marnie,
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