The first memory quilt I had the pleasure of viewing was at a weekend quilt retreat in the early 2000’s. The quilt top was sewn with the same size blocks in rows and columns. The T-shirt fabric had been backed with interfacing. What fascinated me the most was that the pre-printed designs on the T-shirts could be re-purposed and sewn into a usable item (no one had heard of the word upcycle at that time). I immediately thought of my sister because, let’s face it, you rarely think of yourself when it comes to quilting.

As much as I had collected some commemorative T-shirts from some running events I had completed, it was my sister who had gone on to triathlon and was still actively collecting memorabilia. I always thought it was a shame (waste) when you ended up with a size of shirt that didn’t fit, or a style you never wore. Of course, giving the item away was out of the question because it had enormous sentimental value. Memories are strange that way. Some things you just can’t bear to part with!

Anyway, I told my sister I would eventually make her a quilt with all of her commemorative clothing items. I didn’t know when; but I wanted to at least make sure she didn’t get rid of anything.

A notable point about my quilting hobby at the time: I rarely put deadlines on myself. Quilting was a pastime that did not need the extra pressure. When you are saddled with two toddlers, life is demanding and busy enough.

As the years passed, I really started to procrastinate about the promise I had made. First of all, I hated the idea of having to back every T-shirt with interfacing (a time-consuming step, for sure). Second of all, what was I going to do with all the smaller pre-printed designs? They looked silly cut out as the same size blocks as the bigger designs.

Well, it turns out that when you allow yourself to think outside the box and are forced to believe in yourself under the most uncertain circumstances, great things can happen!

Now back to the purpose of this article…Why a memory quilt? Why does a memory quilt fascinate me and warm my heart more than a traditional cotton quilt? Why, the memories, of course! When I see my customer’s face light up when they get to see, hold, and feel their quilt—nothing compares. There are just so many positive, loving emotions flying around. I wish I could gather them up and bottle them.

Right from the point of manufacture, T-shirt quilts are softer than traditional cotton quilts. I believe it is because the quilt top is made from fabrics that have been washed several times over. This is another reason I choose not to use interfacing. It would change the overall feel.

Our puzzle-like design T-shirt quilts are dynamic and engaging. There are no limits to the number of T-shirts you can use. We can also mix different types and weights of fabrics to include technical shirts, fleece, nylon etc.

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A memory quilt by Marnie, a quilt that tells your story, is a unique way to remember!

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