Creating that unique keepsake from your memories.

At Memory Quilts by Marnie, we are passionate about the products and services we provide. We are committed to surpassing our customers’ expectations. Our traditional, three-layer quilts are custom designed and each is sewn as if it was our very own!


Meet Marnie

Marnie started quilting as a hobby in the late 1990s. She loved sewing class in high school but never liked how the patterns never seemed to fit according to the chart measurements. Quilting allowed her to use exact measurements, math and combined with precise sewing skills, to have an end product turn out according to the instructions. She is a wife and mother; her children are married and no longer make demands on her time. She worked for many years in the plumbing and heating industry and took on various roles including bookkeeper, office manager, and project coordinator. Her career path and role as a mother seemed to dissolve at the same time, which was never part of her plan.

Fast forward to today, and she is now combining her quilting skills with her management skills, to operate her business. She is driven by a passion to offer a very unique service–give people a means to bring their memories out in the open, so they are no longer buried in a box or a closet somewhere.


Our Memory Quilts

Memory quilts can be made from many different kinds of clothing items. We can combine the different types and weights of fabrics, from technical to T-shirt to fleece and nylon. Our traditional three-layer quilts are 100% machine washable and will withstand the test of time. We often use a soft, fuzzy backing fabric so that your quilt feels warm and cuddly right from the start. We can even include photos in your memory quilt. Most especially, we love to sew memorial quilts, where your quilt becomes a visual reminder of a loved one that has passed this life.

Our T-shirt quilts are designed in a puzzle-like fashion and do not reflect the traditional memory quilts that are made with the same size blocks and sewn in rows and columns. We cut T-shirt blocks according to the size of the pre-printed design. This allows our customers to include all of the shirts and memories in their collection.

T-Shirt & Jersey Memory Quilts

Our T-shirt & Jersey quilts include all sports apparel where the “pre-printed” design is the memory. They can include a combination of cotton, cotton-poly, jersey, and technical fabrics. Choose this classification if your primary source of clothing includes a “pre-printed” design.

Assorted Clothing & Fabric Memory Quilts

Choose this classification if the primary source of your items is “Assorted Clothing”, where the fabrics, not the pre-printed design, is the memory. i.e. men’s and ladies’ casual and dress wear.

Memory Pillows

A memory pillow is a great choice when you are looking for a more affordable product and/or you have only a few clothing items.

Baby Clothes Memory Quilts

Choose this classification if your primary source of clothing items is baby clothes and children’s wear.

Signature Quilts

Pre-made blocks are distributed for signature and/or personal message; the blocks are then sewn into a quilt. A signature quilt can replace the guest book at a wedding, or it can be a great retirement gift.



I can’t say enough about how terrific Marnie was to deal with. I wanted a special way for a close friend to remember her dad, who was known for his shirt collection. Marnie created a beautiful quilt and pillow cover with close consultation throughout, excellent communication, and total compassion. She delivered exactly what was promised, and has made my friend a keepsake she will treasure forever

-Gillian B

Marnie was so compassionate, kind and considerate. She understood how difficult it would be to part with my son’s clothing. We went through his clothes together and made piles of must-haves and maybes. She created a wonderful design, showed it to me first and then created a work of art showcasing my son’s memories. The quality is wonderful! It is now hung in a little reading nook where I can sit and feel closer to him. Thank you so much, Marnie! I can’t express enough how grateful I am to you.

-Ann M

My husband and I approached Marnie to make a combined ‘His & Hers’ quilt combining our memories together as a joint Christmas present to each other. We utterly adore our quilt and it sits proudly on our bed and we show it to everybody that comes to visit. Us, as well as everyone we’ve shown it to, are bowled over at the quality of work and what an amazing gift we now have to treasure our memories of back home. Thank you, Marnie, for giving us such a wonderful quilt.

-Lucie R


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