How many T-shirts does it take to make a memory quilt?

This is a common question that has a multitude of answers. Generally, the first advice I offer is about 20 – 25 T-shirts for a throw size quilt (approx. 44” x 56”). However, there is no reason why a quilt can’t be made much smaller (lap size), and draped over a couch or railing for display, and even hung on a wall like your favorite photos. If you chose to own a smaller size quilt, 10 T-shirts would be adequate. We also make memory pillows out of as few as 5 T-shirts.

We have set out loose guidelines that correlate the number of T-shirts with the size of your quilt. Click here, and look to Column 3 of the table. Your quilt will grow faster if the pre-printed designs are bigger, and slower if the designs are smaller.

I like to ask my clients how they envision using their quilt.

  • Do you like to curl up underneath your favorite blanket while watching T.V.?
  • Do you love to stay warm underneath your favorite throw while reading a book?
  • Do you want to carry your quilt around with you? Perhaps, you want it to stay warm as a spectator in the hockey arena, or to sit on at the soccer field?
  • Do you want your quilt to fit a particular bed?

The bigger the quilt, the more impracticable it becomes. Queen size quilts can be heavy and do not lend themselves to carry around. Throw size quilts are light-weight, and easy to move from place to place. We like to recommend that the perfect size quilt will cover you from shoulders to just past your toes. In other words, your height could very well play a role in your decision making. It is worth noting that we can always add borders to increase the overall size of your quilt.

Honestly, the most important factor is the memories tied to your personal clothing items. Our design methodology does not limit the number of T-shirts that can be included in your quilt. This was very important to us.

Some customers have expressed not being able to decide when to order a quilt, as they hadn’t stopped collecting memorabilia. A typical example would be a concert enthusiast, or a marathon runner. They tell me, “I’m still going to concerts”, or “I’m still running races”. My best advice, if you have already collected an excess of items, is to use a milestone birthday, anniversary, or circumstance to make a cut off. We plan to be around for years to come. A second memory quilt is always an option.

Whether you have just a few, or many, many items, we can offer solutions to ensure you love your memory quilt, and you love using it.


A memory quilt by Marnie,
a quilt that tells your story,
is a unique way to remember!

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