Simply put…T-shirt quilts are story tellers.  They are a very personal, tangible keepsake that can provide warmth and comfort on the most challenging of days.  We provide a unique service that keeps on giving.  Giving what, you may ask?  Giving love.

Quilts have been traced back to medieval times and for many years they were most often associated with their use as bedding.  That must be where the significance of the “queen-size” quilt comes from.  As one of the most frequently asked questions is “What is the cost of a queen-size quilt?”  If you have heard me present on the topic of memory quilting, then you already know, I actually have my customers lean toward a size that is more affordable and practical.

Many people are unaware that a quilt is a three-layered textile unlike its two-layer counterpart called a blanket.  The construction of a quilt is very different.  A blanket can be manufactured in a fraction of the time as a quilt.  To the general public, the words “blanket” and “quilt” often mean the same thing.  However, to a quilter, these terms mean something very different.

We manufacture traditional 3-layer quilts finished with a homemade binding around the entire edge.  They will stand up to a lot of love, use and washings.  Blankets do not have the same longevity.  Moreover, a quilt is synopsis with the word “love”.  We especially love it when our T-shirt quilts are gifted because of the domino effect.

So, what’s holding you back?  Inquire today about the process of ordering a memory quilt.

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A memory quilt by Marnie, a quilt that tells your story, is a unique way to remember!

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