We believe that a memory quilt is beyond a doubt one of the best ideas since sliced bread. From T-shirt quilts, to hockey jersey quilts, baby clothes quilts, and even a memorial quilt … we have compiled a list of the reasons why they should be the fore-front in your minds. Our hope is that you find our answers both meaningful and a little humorous at the same time.

  1. You care about the environment and upcycling seems like a great idea.
  2. Quilts have a long standing history of symbolizing love, comfort and joy.
  3. You have experienced the loss of a loved one, and donating his/her wardrobe to good will does not feel like the right decision.
  4. You are moving into a new home, and the thought of moving boxes of clothing that you are not wearing, doesn’t hold any appeal.
  5. Having your memories together, in one place, for you to see, feel, and remember, sounds amazing!
  6. Your former rep hockey prodigy has left for university and you would like to send his jerseys with him (or her).
  7. Your basement just flooded, and if you have to wash, dry, and sort your items anyway, you may as well put your time to good use, and place that order.
  8. Your husband/wife has been nagging at you to clean out your closet and make some room.
  9. You’ve been collecting concert T-shirts since your teenage years, and you just can’t bear to part with the memories.
  10. You have been looking for that unique gift idea to mark a milestone for a birthday, Christmas, a graduation, and/or retirement.

A memory quilt by Marnie,
a quilt that tells your story,
is a unique way to remember!

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