One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “How much does it cost for a queen size quilt?” We often hesitate to answer because a queen size quilt ranges in price between $1200 – $2000+ depending on the order. T-shirts and jerseys, including any clothing with a pre-printed design, fall into the $1200 category. Pricing is also subject to taxes, so we generally hold our breath a little in the conversation while waiting for a response.

Through every conversation, we encourage our customers to consider the throw size quilt. This is primarily for three reasons:
1. It is more affordable (average is between $500 – $800 for a T-shirt/Jersey quilt).
2. It is more practical. A throw size quilt is light weight. It can be easily carried around from the bed to the TV room, or even to the soccer or hockey game.
3. The perfect size quilt, in my opinion, only needs to cover a person from their shoulders to just past their toes. A queen size quilt is excessive unless you actually want to use it strictly as a bed covering.

The size of a T-shirt/Jersey quilt is primarily driven by the size of the pre-printed design on the clothing items. We were very careful when we chose a design methodology so that we weren’t restricted in the number of items we could include. Our patterns do not reflect the traditional memory quilts that are sewn in rows and columns. This would limit the amount of clothing items that could be included. Can you imagine having to make a choice between which memory or memories needed to be excluded because the pattern didn’t allow for 17 pre-printed blocks?! It could only hold 16.

Instead, we love that we can tell our customers to send us all of their items. We suggest that if there is a colour they just don’t like, that they consider leaving it out. Once it is in your quilt, it is there to stay. We provide a border option to increase the overall size of the quilt when clothing items are limited. This is discussed over email with each customer midway through the manufacturing process.

To summarize, the perfect size quilt is really any size. If you only have 10 clothing items, perhaps hanging your quilt is a better option. We want you to love your quilt. We want you to see those memories, whether you are using it or whether it is on display. Simply put, you need to think about how you want to use your quilt. Perhaps take into consideration your height, or not. Your unique keepsake is simply an order away. We make the process very easy. You get to offer your comments on design, or not.

A memory quilt by Marnie, a quilt that tells your story, is a unique way to remember.

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