Delivery time is generally 4 – 6 weeks; however, we will try to meet individual requests if the quilt is for a special occasion (i.e. birthday, anniversary etc.)  Depending on our schedule, a “Rush” charge may apply.

We require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed.  The balance is due upon receipt of your order.  Currently, we accept cash, major credit cards, and email bank transfer (must be received prior to delivery).

Other common items include technical shirts, fleece items, sweat pants, dress or work shirts, sports’ jerseys, baby blankets and children’s wear. (If you have a memory tied to that special pair of leggings, we will include one of these items at no charge; after the first one, an additional $10.00 per item will apply.)

The cost of a memory quilt is primarily derived from labour.  When you work with smaller clothes, you are working with smaller blocks of fabric.  Both the cutting and sewing process takes longer in a baby clothes quilt vs. a T-shirt quilt.

We may use every part of your items, unless it is clearly “X” out with masking tape (please do not use pins and paper).  Any other special requests should be written on masking tape and affixed to the relevant area on the item. *Special instructions in general should be written in the appropriate section on the order form.

No.  We have found a sewing method that allows us to sew even the stretchy technical fabrics together, without the use of an interfacing.  This means your quilt will feel soft and cozy all over!

We consider stains or fabric discolouring as part of the memories tied to your quilt.  Generally, stains are just ignored if they fall around a design; if we are able to cut a smaller block and leave out the stain, we will.  If you do not share our viewpoint, please use masking tape and identify these areas with an “X”.

If you have a memory tied to a used fabric item, and wish it to be used in a quilt top along with some new fabric, the answer is “yes”; however, at this time, we are not accepting orders for custom quilting where the materials for the quilt top are made from new fabrics off the bolt.

For Preparation directions and other Important information, please read Page 2 of the order form.