A hockey jersey quilt, like a T-shirt quilt, is the perfect keepsake. Not only does your memory quilt provide a lifetime of enjoyment; but it also provides a solution to your ever shrinking storage dilemma. I mean, when you think about it, who wants to get rid of jerseys that capture years of playing your favourite game?! And unless you are famous, who wants to wear a jersey with your name on it?

A jersey quilt, whether it be made from hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys, soccer jerseys, and more, is 100% washable. Your quilt is sewn to be used and loved. In fact, there is no better compliment to a quilter than when a recipient uses his/her quilt. We want you to be able to reflect on and enjoy all of those fond memories.

A memory quilt is full of positive emotion. It tells a unique story—your story. Moreover, your quilt is soft and warm, and provides a much-needed hug when you need it most.

The materials in your jersey quilt can include more than just jerseys. Your memory quilt can also include T-shirt fabric, fleece, technical fabric, nylon, and sweatshirt material. For an additional charge, we can even include hockey socks and logos from caps. Once your items are sewn and quilted together with batting and backing, you will hardly be able to tell the differences between them.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and let’s imagine your hockey jersey quilt together!

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“A memory quilt by Marnie, a quilts that tells your story, is a unique way to remember!”

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